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Thread: Wii remote problem (acting weird)

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    Wii remote problem (acting weird)

    Hi a few days a ago my wii remote started to act weird... my other remote also synced to the same wii is working perfectly fine. however this remote points correctly and stuff but orients weird when i play wii sports (the only game i have). for example when i just swing my arm in wii tennis, the ball would curve a lot everytime instead of a straight shot on my other remote. in wii golf, it's very difficult to get the mii to swing the club (it keeps lowering and raising it as i swing..)

    how do i fix this? thanks

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    If other remotes work ok, then I would say your remote is simply dying. Doesn't sound like a softmod issue really. You can try tweaking the sensitivity in wii settings, but if other remotes work I wouldn't even screw with it.

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    dying already? =( i just used it like 3 times =(

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    If you're other ones are acting fine and that one's not, then it's dying. I would return it if I were you. Enough cursing and tears should get you a new one.


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