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Thread: Hhomebrew on 4.3e

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    Hhomebrew on 4.3e

    Hi my mate has updated to 4.3e obviously my wii mod 4,2 software wont work, is there tools out there to downgrade to 4.2?

    Also i know of lego hack for 4.3 but dont have game is there not a straight forward softmod for 4.3


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    There's also smash stack. Pretty much if you want to softmod again you're going to need to get your hands on a game. There's a guide by mauifrog called 4.3 fix. That's what you need to look for.

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    wii 4.3e

    what happens if i format wii through settings , will this remove 4.3 upgrade?

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    No, it will simply shoot you in the foot. Follow the guide I told you about and never format the wii.

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    Hi, i have bought a wii yesterday and the firmware is 4.3e, i have looked at Mauifrog's guide and done some tests but i can't get it to work. Is it because the firmware is too new or do i need a dummies guide lol!!!

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    I forgot to put that i don't have the Lego Indiana Jones or Super Smash Bros Brawl games and i know i will need them lol!!

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    Look at option 3 under Mauifrogs 4.3 upgrade. I used it (doesn't need a game) and it got HB and all the other apps installed. Problem is many of the games on my USB HD now won't run with HB. Arghhh!
    If anyone has a suggestion (s) please let me know. I have tried various IOS's to no avail.

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    I've tried option 3 and it still doesn't work. i'm probably doing something wrong. Bootmii won't boot or i can't see anything on the SD card when it's in the wii

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    I have managed to get the homebrew channel on my wii now by using the lego indiana game but i can't do anything with the IOS. Ive tried everything from WAD manager to Trucha Bug restorer but everything fails. Where am i going wrong? Please help!!

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    Are you following mauifrog's 4.3 tutorial? If so, why post out-of-thread, what is the point? Best bet is ask in-thread.


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