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Thread: Wii system Update

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    Wii system Update


    I have a wii 3.1J with D2cKey mod chip..
    i would like to update my system
    its safe to do that by Internet? or any way?
    if possible i would like to update 3.3 since i hear 3.4 have a problem,


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    i would probably say to not go towards 3.3 youll be denied so much
    furthest stable firmware would be 3.2
    though the community is working hard to making 3.3 homebrew friendly, its gonna take some time

    im thinking you should update through anyregionchanger or a disc that has 3.2j

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    thats mean. its save for me to update with 3.2 J if i have a disk??
    do i need to reconfigure my D2cKey chip?


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