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Thread: Question about homebrew channel

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    Question about homebrew channel

    i just got my wii 2 days ago. ive been wanting to put the homebrew channel before i even got my wii. now that i hav it, im havin second thoughts because i heard that there is a chance that installing this would get my wii bricked. if so how can i avoid this from happening and can it work on my wii (it was already updated to 3.3 when i got it) and will the installation work properly on 3.3

    BTW it isnt the october 23 updates since im bein prompted to get it but i did get my wii after the updates came out but my wii shop thing says i still need the update

    THX for any help

    I need help as soon as i can get it so please help
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    Lucky cuz your wii has the old 3.3 i bouth my wii 2 months ago it already has 3.3 v1 on it i think(dont remember).

    I would be also helpful if u tell me how much you know about homebrew so i wont waste my time expaining something you already know.

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    Just follow Jiprah's guide, and it will all go well. Also don't worry about the Oct.23 updates, with Homebrew you can get whatever they offer on there anyway lol.

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    ok thx guys but im also wondering if it could brick my wii and also my wii is already 3.3U but not the october 23 updates. I kno this much, twilight hack and installation but i heard in installation it could brick so knowing how to avoid this will be all the help i need

    like b4 thx for any help

    also another question u kno that new update thing where u can make the update with the shopping channel but still keep the homebrew channel safely. its new but say if i use it, can i get rid of it or can i update later? or if i install homebrew can i install 3.3 v2 without troubles
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    There is always a risk when u use your wii for something it was not designed, but you must take that risk if u wanna use the exploit. Stay easy though, the homebrew channel was extensively tested during its develoment stage. The chances of bricking your wii by installing it are rly low.

    The channel itself wont harm your wii, what can harm it are some applications. So be carefull when itstalling new apps. Specialy WADS and CIOS.

    NEVER update from Nintendo or a game disc if u are not completly sure what the update does to your system.

    You can use the Wii Shop and IOS51 to access to the shop channel without loosing your homebrew
    There is no need to reverse any changes but there are several IOS downgraders if u rly want to "go back".
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    ok thanks guys now i think i may do it. ill just play more till i get twilight from my friend. ill ply it then homebrew my wii. i mean its not like i need this upudate yet. so how low r my chances of it bricking?

    and cant i just use hombrew browser to install WADs?

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    Yours is new, HBC it wont brick it thats all i can say, ask marcan for more info.

    There is no way u can download/install wads through homebrew browser, at least not yet, it can only download applications which are stored in SD not in wii. If u want to install wads u need WAD Manager, but u need to download them through PC first.

    IMPORTANT: WAD Manager and installed Wads files(Channels,VC,Wiiware,etc) are stored in wii's memory.

    I try to keep anything away from system memory, thats why i havent installed wads yet its safer run stuff from SD card. But thats my opinion besides ill eventually do it(when we have a fully functional loader). If u want to install wads it its your desition, just be sure to follow the instructions CAREFULLY.


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