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Thread: How do I check to see if I installed bootmii as boot2

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    How do I check to see if I installed bootmii as boot2

    Like my subject says, I see a lot about bootmii on this site. My softmod was done before I knew entirely what I was doing, from a site I forget, and frankly I got lucky that I didn't blow it. (It involved a downgrade from 4.2u to 3.2u for starfall, have since updated to 4.2 with priloader) My softmod does everything I need it too (i.e. install .wad files, usbloader, wiiMC, ect.) I have used guides here to update IOS### to make sure things work, but I am not sure how my bootmii is installed, as I believe I have it somehow. Could I not have it as boot2 like is recommended? Any help would be great! Just trying to ensure my softmod is good enough.
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    Boot2 is totally recommended, it is a must have in brick case.

    You can check if you have it by downloading bootmii and putting it in the root of an SD card. Inserting it on your wii and power on. Bootmii should start.

    I don't know where else but in MMM ( multi mod manager) you can check your boot2 condition i think

    Hope it helps
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    yeah, put the bootmi files in the root of your SD card, insert the card in the wii and turn it on, if the bootmii screen loads, then you ave bootmii as boot2.
    If not, maybe you can install it with the hackmii installer. (not all wiis have the bootmii as boot2)

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    when you start up the wii the blue lights will flash if you have bootmii as boot2... but check it with the hackmii installer
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    To clarify, dvd light will flash twice quickly if you have boot2 and only once if its not boot2. Press home in hbc and see if it says bootmii. If it does that's bootmii as an ios


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