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Thread: Getting over 500 limit

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    Getting over 500 limit

    I two different 2tb hard drives I am using to keep my games on. I was updating them today and was unable to go over 500 games or either on and I was wanting to see if there was something I was doing wrong. Is there something I have to do to be able to add more than 500 games to the hard drives? If I break it down to to 999gb sections will that allow me to put 500 on one and 500 on the other and my loader be able to see both sections at the same time? Thanks for any help.

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    Why do you need that many games in the first place...
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    Both hard drives have the same games on them I am just trying to update them both with the new ones that I have. I find it easery to keep all game son the hard drive with kids so you don't have to worrie with disk getting messed up.

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    Okay well then I don't understand your question I guess. I find it hard to believe that you own over 500 original Wii games.

    If they are the same games then why would you need 2 copys of them on the same harddrive...
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    At 15 each thats 7500, thats alot of dosh to splash out on Wii Games, specially during a recession an all........
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    The question is I have two 2 TB hard drives that I use in my house one on one tv and one on another in the same house. I keed the same game on both of them and I was updating them today and when I got to 500 games it started failing when adding the games to the hard drive. SO I am wanting to know if there is a way around this problem. if I break the hard drive down in two 3 sections on of 32Gb and then 2 of around 950 Gb will that allow me to add 500 to one section 500 games to the other and then the wii flow be able to see all the games at once?

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    I don't understand that someone who could afford 500+ games cant afford to replace one if one gets damaged. I am not saying its not possible I understand the luxery of not haveing to put disks in the wii to play a game. its just kinda hard to believe one would own so many crappy games.

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    wiiflow won't be able to display all 1000 games at once, but under settings, on the last page (7/7 I think) you can select which WBFS partition to use. So if you have two wbfs partitions, you can just switch back and forth in the loader.

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    Last I knew, the usb loaders have a 500 title limit. Just delete some of the games that don't get played. Perhaps you should have 1TB HDD's, that should be enough for 500 games. I guess that the usb loader makers never figured any one person would have owned over 500 games.

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    Nobody owns over 500 Wii games, sorry -- I just had to put it out there.

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