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Thread: Problems with Tatsunoko vs Capcom

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    Problems with Tatsunoko vs Capcom

    Hey guys

    first, sorry for my terrible english, it's not my first language

    I registrated in this forum just for this problems that I'm having with TvC, and I know that all of you know a lot about... well, Wii Hacks

    now, this story is a bit long

    Last year, when there were no plans for an American release of TvC, I burned an ISO of the japonese game, instaled the Homebrew Channel in my Wii and since that, I've been playing it with the Geecko OS program, normally.

    However, them came the American release and you know, more characters, without having to suffer with the japanese language and so on. Well, here in my country, it's very common to buy "alternative/pirated" games, and almost all my games are of this kind and play perfectly. Them, you should know what happened: the game didn't work, I traded it at the store three times, and all the times the Wii didn't recognize them.

    Soooo I decided to try the other "illegal" way, burning myself the ISO of the american game. I downloaded a four-part link in a trusted site, where everybody was saying that the game worked perfectly, and burned it two times. None of them worked

    And it's here that I need your little help o/

    well, I just thought, is that Capcom did some method so that the game would not work if you had played the Japanese version in an illegal way? Based on this reasoning, I tried to pass the japanese save from the Wii console to a SD card and remove it from the Wii, and in the same SD card, there are the Gecko OS program, to run the game in HBC. It didn't work in the same way.

    Now I'm thinking that the only way to make the game work is to delete the HBC from the Wii System permanently, but I don't know if I really want to do this, cause them I would never play the japanese version again, which has some features that the American don't, and I also use the HBC to run hacks of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    And before you ask, I also tried to run the american games ( the pirated one and the burned ISOs ) in the Gecko OS, but it doesn't work in the same way.

    I'm here to know if you had problems similar to mine, and if there is a way to finally run the game
    thanks for any help that you could give, cause I'm going nuts here for this
    And again, sorry for the English errors, I'm not fluent speaker/writer :/

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    what is your wii's system menu version/region? More info will help us help you.

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    This post is so closed due to the fact that the word "piracy" came out of your mouth so much. Please re-read the rules and find our stand on piracy in there.


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