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Thread: WiiSCU and StartPatch questions

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    WiiSCU and StartPatch questions

    Hi all, i have a question about WiiSCU and StartPatch. Firts WiiSCU; I think i understand the installing process for shop channel without having to update to 4.3. So, if i update my shop channel using WiiSCU, and later decide to update to 4.3, will the 4.3 update brick my Wii when it finds that the newest version of shop channel is already present? I mean, i install the new shop channel with WiiSCU, and wwhen the update 4.3 comes to games i want to play, i need to update. Will it brick if i already have the newest shop channel whn i update? My question might be confusing, but i hope you can help.

    And then StartPatch. Could someone tell me how to install the needed cIOS/IOS:es, and where to download them. And the same thing, if i patch my wii with StartPatch, will an update brick it if i for some stupid reason (lol), want to update? Thank you.

    PS. Of course i do have HBC, and i'm in 4.2 System Version.

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    U don't need to update your wii to play newer games u just need to update your ios.

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