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Thread: Call of duty reflex, Backup loader?

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    Call of duty reflex, Backup loader?

    hey guys, im trying to run pal Call of duty reflex burnt onto a verbatim dvd-r, this works on my wii with a wiikey 2, but my friends wii is a new one and has the backup loader, works with super mario galaxy but when i load cod4 it comes up with a blue screen with an error, please help

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    use the video force in the neogamma meun

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    it comes up with a blue screen with an error
    Depending on which revision of neogamma it is there should be an #002 error fix option in the menu,switch this on. I'm assuming this is the error you are talking about:
    DVD Read Error / Anti-piracy security Most likely old or missing IOS.
    Q. How can I fix this?
    Install a newer IOS 249. There is a 002 fix channel that will fix most of the older games, Neogamma r7 is the latest version for now. USB Loader GX,CFG, Uloader are other alternatives.Also mind that some games require alternate dol loading method to play.
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    4.1E,Boot2/IOS,Priiloader 0.4r78,neogamma R8 b7,
    USB Loader GX r938,cIOS38 rev 17
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