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Thread: WiiKey Fusion Guide

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    WiiKey Fusion Guide

    Frustrated with your Wiikey Fusion? So was I. After 6 hours of research and a few explicitives I have successfully installed and played a back up on my d3-2 wii version 4.3u. I am not an expert, so please no questions, i probably won't be able to answer them.

    Wii Dissasembly:
    1. Remove any disks from your wii first!
    2. Remain calm, don't force anything. The wii will come apart very easily, if it's not you missed something, so be patient.

    YouTube - Wii Disassembly

    Make sure you set your toggles!!!
    Wiikey Fusion Support Page

    Write down the Serial Number
    The serial number should be on the back of the chip. It is alpha numeric, and case sensitive. . . you will need it later to register your product, and download updates.

    Installation of the WiiKey:
    Really nice installation guide great big pictures. They use pvc insulation tape, but they said it's not really necessary. I improvised my own tape so as to keep the circuitry from rubbing. I basically took packing tape stuck sticky to sticky then taped that over the chip so that it was held firmly to the silver plate yet no adhesive all over my new chip

    Guide: How to Install Your WiiKey Fusion

    Before using your Fusion:
    This is where things got really confusing for me, so if you are feeling the same thing, no worries, this should help. Here are a few notes before we get started:

    Take any Disks out of your Wii
    BEFORE you put ANY sd card into the Fusion, make sure you turn your wii on and remove any disks in the drive. If you had A.D.D and didn't read this part before running off half cocked, it's ok, simply power off, take the sd card out of the fusion and power on. When the disk shows up in the main menu just eject it.

    What size SD Card to use:
    The iso of the wii games typically says 4.38 gigs. However this is not the actual game size, just the size of the iso. So a cheap 4gig card holds one game, and an 8 can hold 2 or even three games depending on actual size.

    Formats of game files and the SD card
    WII ISO should be converted to a wii specific format called WBSF. If you are attempting to just copy an iso over to a SD Card you will probably get an error message of some sort. Because wii has it's own format your card will need to be formatted to WBSF BEFORE you can put a game on it. In addition the game file needs to be converted to WBSF as well. There are two programs I came across that do both of these functions I will list the one I use below.

    What type of Cards will work:
    I am using micro sd cards in a sd card adapter they seem to work just fine and the games run smooth, so I don't think there is a difference there.

    Ok lets move on.

    Formatting your SD card
    Here is the program I am using it works pretty well."]"]

    1. Place your card into your PC/Mac and note the drive letter. . mine was J.
    2. Open wbfsmanager.
    3. On the upper LEFT window locate your drive from the drop down box and select it.
    4. Press the "Format" button on the same side
    5. After the format is complete press "Load"
    6. Update your Wii Key Fusion by loging to the members area for the update file here: Members Area
    7. On the LOWER RIGHT hand side of the screen you will now be able to press the "Browse" button (unless you press load, you can't browse).
    8. Browse to where you have downloaded the wiikey update iso and double click
    9. Let wbfs mananger uncompress the file for you!
    10. After the file shows up in the RIGHT hand side it should have a green check mark by it.
    11. Press "Add to Drive"
      Now we are ready to update

    Update the Fusion
    1. Place your SD card into the fusion
    2. Power up the wii
    3. You will see a gamecube game in the disk channel.
    4. Once you load the channel you will see the update file
    5. Use a gamecube controller to select the file and press A (green button)
    6. The wii will reset
    7. Go to the game cube channel again
    8. Select the update
    9. The update will run and then reset
    10. Wii will reset again.
    11. Power down your wii.

    Load a legal back up to your sd card
    Simply follow the instruction above using wbfs manager

    Load a back up on your modded Wii
    1. Turn wii power off
    2. Insert SD card into the fusion
    3. Power up
    4. Select gamecube channel
    5. Using your gamecube controller to select the game you wish to play
    6. Once selected the wii should reset
    7. After reset you will see the game icon in the disk channel
    8. Play your game.

    Play a different game on the same SD card
    1. Go to the disk channel
    2. Press eject
    3. Then after the image has stopped spinning press eject again
    4. Gamecube channel should reappear (this also works if you get a bad back up and nothing loads)
    5. Select your game and the Wii will reset
    6. Navigate to the disk channel and enjoy

    Congratulations this took awhile but you got it done! Enjoy the freedom of playing your legally purchased back up files!!!! If there is something I missed or another good resource please feel free to add. I probably won't do much editing.

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    Thanks this is a really simple guide.

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    Nice one,
    Some points to add
    Formatting a new card, you should do a FAT/FAT32 if the card is brand new before formatting in WBFS manager. If you use a Windows 64bit and WBFS 64bit versions then you have to do an NTFS format before WBFS formatting

    Transfer one game at a time as this can give some error if you do more than one at a time, you still can have many games on the SD, depending on SD size

    If you dont own a GC control then you can browse with a soft push on the Reset and activate/start with pushing on the Reset till the Wii restart itself

    If you want to play DVD then shutdown WII remove SD card and startup WII and you should hear the drive getting active again. Do the opposite as mentioned above for playing from SD.

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    Wiikey fusion reset problem

    Hi can you tell me if there is something wrong with my wiikey fusion mod chip bcs it wont reset when i select the game. The first time it worked i mean i shut downed the wii and the game started normally and then i putted a new game and it said the ˝disk could not be read˝.


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