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Thread: OK I need a bit more help (copying my games)

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    OK I need a bit more help (copying my games)

    The whole reason I set out to mod my WII is to keep my games from getting destroyed. I cannot for the life of me find a good howto to just copy my games. Everything I find searching is telling you how to back them up onto a hard drive but I dont want to spend the money on a hard drive.. I just want to burn em onto a dvd.
    I have the WII modded now after spending half the day following the guide... just need to figure out how to back up my games.
    Im sure this is answered somewhere but me and this search engine arent friends I guess cause I havent been able to find anything I am looking for.
    Please let me know if you know where theres a good guide. Thanks

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    use imgburn, itīs free and simple.
    once u get it, open it and select the iso you want to burn, burn it at 2X speed.

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    If your wii has the d3-2 drive you won't be able to play backup discs. If you don't have the d3-2 and want to backup your games you either need to get Specific Drive that reads Wii games, or obtain the ISO and use IMG burn as mentioned above.

    USB is the best solution because you can back-up your original disks using the wii.
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    there are only a few dvd drives for pc which read wii discs however while they are relatively cheap, my LG model takes a number of hours per rip..
    as has been mentioned by Krank, you have first got to learn what dvd drive is in your wii. go to and plug in your serial and model number, both easily found on the outside of your console. if your lucky, you will not have the D3-2 chipset and should go on to find yourself a decent (4+ gb) usb stick for creating the backups using, for example, usbloader gx's built in install game option. as far as burning iso's go, don't burn at 2x unless you encounter issues burning at 4x. personally i burn at recommended speed as is labeled on the discs, ei. 8x Verbatim and have yet to experience any problems.

    happy modding
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