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Thread: Reinstalling Homebrew Channel on a formatted, updated Wii?

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    Reinstalling Homebrew Channel on a formatted, updated Wii?

    I've had my Wii for almost three years now. I modified it by myself and it was running great.

    Two days ago my little sister was trying to play Netflix from the disc channel. That's pretty ridiculous when I had a channel that loaded it from usb loader gx. Anyway, she updated the from the disc. She thought she could undo the mistake by formatting my Wii.

    Now, not only have a lost all of my save files, but I've lost my homebrew as well. I still have my SD card from before the incident.

    Recap: sister updated -> formatted -> updated again.

    It's currently at system menu 4.3u

    I don't know if a formatted Wii qualifies as "virgin" or not; I was checking out the virgin modding thread. I have SSBB, but I use a SDHC card.

    I searched a lot around the forums, but couldnt find my particular problem. what should I do to restore my homebrew? Is it possible?

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    Have a look here for a fix. Doing a format does not make your wii a virgin and should never be done to a softmoded wii.

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    Thank you <3 I'll try and guard my Wii more carefully from now on.

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