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Thread: acekard works on one ds, not another

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    acekard works on one ds, not another

    Hi. So I have 2 DS lites (mine and my son's) and just got a second acekard 2i. The first acekard 2i I bought works flawlessly in both DS lites. The one I just got today is only recognized in my DS. When I try to start it up in my son's DS it says "no DS card inserted" If I put the acekard in my son's DS without a sd card it will recognize it as an acekard 2i but ignores it with an sd card. So here's what I got, 2 acekard 2is. One works in both my DS lites. The other only works in one of the DS lite's. Any ideas why? Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Maybe there is something wrong with the slot in the DS. Try slipping a piece of folded paper in the slot with the AK2i, on the side with the lable, so that it makes a tighter fit, or place a piece of electrical tape on the label side of the AK2i.

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    Holy Macanoli! That worked! I think I'll just let him keep my card and I'll keep his since they work that way without any alteration. It's just good to know the card isn't defective. I bought his DS used so it is what it is. Thanks so much for the help!

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    Most of the time the fix is the one that Stomp said but sometimes it can be fixed as easy as blowing into the slot in the DS. I know, sounds weird but it's some sort of electrostatic thing that the GameStop lady showed me and I didn't believe it but it works.


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