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Thread: Downgrade Wii with NAND Backup?

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    Us Downgrade Wii with NAND Backup?

    Well I have upgraded to 4.3(u). But so far I do not like it. I was able to re-install CIOS38 back onto it but I would still like to downgrade.

    My question, Can i downgrade my 4.3u Wii by installing a NAND backup that I dumped back when I still had 4.2u? Or will it damage my Wii by any chance?

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    If you can play games on it and don't have a chip, then you're pretty much using system menu 4.2. The only reason for 4.2 and 4.3 are to stop homebrew. If you're working now, why mess with downgrading?

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    I want custom wii system menu themes. (DarkWii...etc).
    I hear they dont work on 4.3u

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    And you have bootmii as boot2 installed?

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    Sure do. But one thing about bootmii is that it shows up at random boots. Like if I turn on my Wii once, it will go to the warning screen straightaway. Then the next time I boot, It boots to bootmii. It will boot to bootmii for about 3 more boots....then It will go straight to the health warning screen again. Is there a button that I press so it will go to bootmii all the time when I boot?

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    you can launch bootmii from the hombrew channel
    leave your wii like it is

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