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Thread: Messie or Sonic?

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    Messie or Sonic?

    Which guide is the safest to hack my Wii with? Sonic's or Messie's? I'm not trying to troll or anything, I just want a honest answer on which guide is the best/safest. Thanks.

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    Both work great and both are safe. Just look over both and decide which to go with. I've used both in the past and they are just as easy.

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    Yup, both work good. Messie's takes longer due to all the formatting of the SD card but they both work.
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    Well, thanks for the fast reply. Since Sonic's is shorter, I'll try that one out.

    Wish me luck, guys.

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    + if you are gonna do Messies guide - you need to trucha sign ios 36 which isnt included in the guide

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    both are great

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