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Thread: Where Can I Get Premodded Wii's

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    Where Can I Get Premodded Wii's

    Do you know of a site or person selling modded Wii's?

    I want to get Homebrew up and running solely for classic emulators but don't want to mess with the modding myself.

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    craigslist if you're in the u.s. but understand that softmods take a lot of "know what you're doing" kinda stuff if you're going to play wii games as well. If you strictly want to play oldschool games and never put another wii disc in it, then it would be very easy for you to do yourself.

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    agreed! the problem is that software comes out routinely which can remove a softmod if you're not careful and staying on top of things. I don't so much as put a new disc in my system or update (ever) without first looking around the message boards. besides, it's best to know what has been done to your wii and the only way to know that is to do it yourself. it's really not that hard to mod a wii and well worth the investment of a few evenings to do it yourself.


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