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Thread: Putting more than 500 games on the hard drive?

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    Putting more than 500 games on the hard drive?

    I know that WBFS manager will not allow you to put over 500 games onto a hard drive. Is there any way easy way to get around this using partitions or anything? I know no one "needs" 500+ games, but I am just curious if there is a workaround for this. Thanks!

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    Yes there is........(200+ games + moded wii = PIRATE)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cile View Post
    Yes there is........(200+ games + moded wii = PIRATE)
    Off topic but ...

    Cloud cuckoo land I'm afraid. Why don't mods just delete the original post if they're not going to help instead of making facetious comments and wasting my valuable reading time or is it part of the sport?

    Indeed, why don't you do a poll to find out how many people who come to this forum have at least 1 copied/downloaded game. I bet it's not far off 100% if people were honest.
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    The OP didn't break any rules and the question was answered. Nothing needs to be deleted...the title is quite clear so you didn't have to click it if you weren't interested in reading it. Thread closed.
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