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Thread: I'm Bricked ?

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    I'm Bricked ?

    Everything was running fine softmod with wiflow and usb hd. sytem froze hard booted wii and had black screen. wiimote will turn it on but won't sync. Bootmii install boot2. Nand backup. I have tried flashing nand with bootmii Black screen.
    Tried restoring system menu Black screen. I can get into hbc through bootmii but that's it. Have been reading but nothing seems to work. System menu 3.4u
    Would bad wifi cause this?
    Please help

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    bad wifi causes a black screen, not sure if you can still boot into HBC.

    I can test for you to see if faulty wifi will cause your symptoms


    confirmed, faulty wifi will allow you to get into HBC via bootmii. So this sounds like your issue.
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    thanks I will order 1


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