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Thread: Best DvD-R for burning wii games?

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    Smile Best DvD-R for burning wii games?

    What is the best type of dvd r to burn wii games on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da1Mercenary View Post
    What is the best type of dvd r to burn wii games on?
    Since I only play Wii off my USB HDD I can't be certain, but almost always (like in the case of Xbox 360) the Verbatims are the best. With my Xbox360 I use Verbatims which never fail. I also use cheap CD's (memorex, ritek) and they work but usually after awhile the discs stop reading.

    So I'd go with Verbatims.

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    Verbatim is the most recommended, although even verbatim has garbage products. Refer to Stomp's blog found here to determine which ones are worth purchasing.
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    I recommend Taiyo Yuden DVD -R, since it looks like it may be hard to get the good vebatims. I haven't seen Taiyo Yuden for sale at a retail outlet in quite a while, so this is where I get mine at - http:supermediastore/TAIYO+YUDEN

    The next brand I would recommend that you can find in a store are Sony brand.

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    Stomp do the Taiyo yuden discs you linked to use a Ritek g05 dye then? I need to find some new media as the website i normally use seems to have stopped stocking the PiData ritek g05 i used to use.What is your experience with those disc-good/bad..many coasters?
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