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Thread: Playing Games off Backed up DVDs

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    Playing Games off Backed up DVDs

    Hi group, trying not to dupe any previous posts. I popped my Wiikey fusion chip into my Wii, which according to Wiidrive it is a GC2-D2C which is an older one (2008). I have no issue running an ISO off the SD Card, however it is not detecting a backed up Wii DVD.

    If I boot the Wii, with a backed up game drive, it should see it in the drive channel and allow me to play it, correct? I burned the Wii ISO through disk utility in OSX, and I was able to play the same ISO off the SD Card, so that ruled out a bad image.

    Before anyone asks, I would like to have the option of playing the games off a backed up DVD so it's easier for my kids to swap games etc.

    *EDIT* Forgot to mention that I can also play my normal Wii games, so the DVD drive working.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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    My thoughts are that the Wiikey Fusion is a dud!

    I have a 2006 model and NOTHING works.

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    I can appreciate that this stuff can be frustrating, however, it's buyer beware with this stuff. We all chose to voice the warranties as soon as we opened up the Wii. After some tinkering I thought I damaged my DVD drive, it was making some interesting noises reading a DVD, however I managed to fix that up and reassemble the unit. I can boot games off the SD card, but the Wii complains that a burned DVD is unreadable whereas a normal Wii game works fine in the DVD. From everything I have read, you can simply burn the Wii ISO onto any black DVD and it should work...

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    It's been hit and miss for mine. Sometimes my disk backup of SMG will launch, sometimes it won't. My DVD drive was also making some weird noises when I installed the fusion but I just re-adjusted the placement of it against the DVD drive and it seems better.

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    I've been reading as much as i can, I found a site that documents which brand/type of blank DVDs people have had success with:

    Wii DVD compatibility list - - Wiki

    Seems that majority are using DVD-R, I've been attempting with Philips DVD+R. Just picked up some DVD-Rs will try those out at 4x burn and see what happens.

    mp7: Can you confirm how you get a burned game to load up? Is it as simple as making sure there is no SDcard in the reader, booting the Wii and putting your backed up game in the DVD drive like you would any normal game? Thanks in advance.

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    I wish I had a set way of getting them to run. But yes, that is usually the way I get them to load. Other times I have to make sure the SD is in the fusion, eject it, and then insert the disk. Most of the time though, it sounds like the laser is just reading the disk over and over in a loop and nothing comes up in the channel.

    The amount of time it takes to get it to load just isn't worth it to me. I'm dreading converting all my games to SD. But it seems I'll have to head in that direction. I too was under the impression that the fusion would read disks without a problem. Going through the whole softmod scene was just confusing and my wii just didn't seem to react nicely to some of the methods. I'm inclined to agree with gtatix that they released an unfinished product.

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    So I went out and picked up some Memorex DVD-R blanks and they worked. I was able to boot the Wii without an SD card in the reader, popped the Burned Wii game into the system and my kids are now playing on it without any crashes or issues.

    The SDCard is really nice, but right now the max you can get for a reasonable price is 16 Gig. I think it would be worth it when they hit 32/64 Gigs, or if somehow the Fusion would allow a USB hard drive with ISOs to run the games instead. Regardless, it does feel like an unfinished product, but at least for me, it is actually working playing backed up DVDs (DVD-R, NOT the +R) and the SD Card. Guess we'll wait and see what future updates bring for this chip.

    As far as hard mods go, it's one of the easier ones to install/setup, so yeah, it has potential.


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