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Thread: A way around 3.3u

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    Exclamation A way around 3.3u

    I wanna know if theres a way now of getting around the oct. 23rd update if you didnt have an upgraded CIos installed before to downgrade to 3.2!

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    here ya go...

    and please read the whole thread

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    May i know whether u have issues playing newer titles after the firmware was upgraded to 3.3u?

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    I installed Cios rev7 with 3.3u. It forced an update when I got the wii fit. Is that a different update that the 10/23 update

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    not sure but 3.4u just hit so make sure you don't update again or you are sol

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    yeah I saw that. Glad it didnt update me to 3.4. everything seems to be working though. gamma loader and HBC

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    there is a Fix ive been posting it around a few times lol

    go here --> Breakell20's Portal

    Then Click On The WiiHacks Picture

    there i have included all the neccessary files and possibly more.

    start by opening the "3.3v2 Downgrade Instructions.txt"

    and follow those instructions.

    then you will be able to install WADS and more!

    it will work, if it doesnt you didnt follow the instructions properly.



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