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Thread: D3-2 Drive .... I can play backup disks

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    D3-2 Drive .... I can play backup disks

    Hey all
    I compared this drive with ones on the internet... it looks definitely a d3-2 drive...
    Surprisingly i'm playing backups....
    Can someone tell me if it is a d3-2 or not ???


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    Yea uh, i really doubt it is a d2-3 if it is playing backup disks. That's about all I can tell ya.
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    i know it sounds weird...
    but if this is the d3-2 drive... Its playing backups...
    i compared it with d3-2 drives on the internet...
    It looks the same since d3-2 have nothing written on them...
    Can someone indicate if it is a d3-2 drive or not ???

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    Upon comparing the drive serial to the WiiDrives database, it appears that a few allege to have working backups with similar drive boards. In a serious majority of circumstances it is possible to differentiate D3 from D3-2's by the texted chip, however in some apparently beyond rare instances, a certain string of drive serials are in fact D3's somewhat disguised as D3-2. It is impossible for a D3-2 to play DVD's apart from Wii originals.
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