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Thread: Homebrew Channel on 4.3U System Menu

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    Homebrew Channel on 4.3U System Menu

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    Hmm, wow HBC.....what is the point of this Vid? Just curious.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    For me, this was helpful. It lets me see what mine should, and could look like. but what perplexes me, is the staff has free roam to bash people. I've noticed that trend allot in this forum. The same fact probably scares more people away from posting here.

    Very unprofessional demeanor Sir.

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    I asked what the point of it was as I was curious. He didn't even respond. Nor did he leave any explanation of what the videos purpose was. If you feel the need to discuss this please PM me. Nothing I said was meant to offend anyone.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    It looks like the poster in the first post just wanted so show off his softmod job. Krank was right in wanting to know why the op posted the video, as there was no comment left by the op. As for TrOy, that's quite a way to start out your Wiihacks career, were you flaming or just trolling?
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    I think the menu looked nice.

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    really the menu are superb and i love it so thanks for putting it here so keep it up and keep sharing always.


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