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Thread: Black Screen after loading up back up game

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    Cool Black Screen after loading up back up game

    Hi All, Sorry if this is a repeat but I am having snags with a chip I have just installed. I have a PAL D2B wii and have installed a D2Sun chip on an V12 wii clip. (from the site I believe , and did, connect K2 ). The wii is now back together and I have proved the system with an original disk. My problem is that when i put a back up disk in (copied slow speed on Verbatim DVD-r) it sees the game no problem, but when i start the game it goes to a black screen and I have to disconnect the power to get the wii to be able to reboot. This is the same for several backups. I realise that disks are a big issue but before I start trial and error process with different media, I just wanted to see if there were other checks.

    Many thanks


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    I would suggest opening the Wii back up so you can watch the lights on the chip and see what they are doing during a disc load.

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    I have the same problem, but not on every disk. Out of 140 disks I wrote (mixed USA & PAL), 125 of them played perfectly, but the others would seem ok in the channel list but when I click on the disk channel and tried to play the game the screen went black. I can eject the disk with no problem. The remote turns off too. I then have to turn the Wii off by holding the power button.

    I have tried several screen settings (50/60 htz 480p) but it doesnt change anything.

    Someone else did my chip, the site said it was a D2CKey chip but when I got the unit back the sticker on the back said WASP. I believe the WASP chip is a clone of the Wasabi chip.

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    For testing, I would stick to PAL backups only as NTSC games can cause black screens.

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    wasp is a clone of d2pro9 without the jtag feature
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    Thanks for the info Spyman, I take that just means I have yo update by DVD and not USB.

    Is there a way of patching NTSC games to work on a PAL system? Some of the NTSC games still work on my PAL system, without causing the black screen.

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    OK so I have opened up the wii and powered it on. When power is applied to the wii I get one green light on the d2sun chip. This is a constant light, in that, when i load games etc it stays green. Nothing else happens with the chip, no extra lights, dancing girls, performing seals.......I digress!! I still have the same issue, it sees the back up game, but as soon as I select start i just get a blank screen. I am currently burning a pal game using imgburn at 2X speed, and am going to try several media types. I'll report back with results

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    ok so still no result. Burned a pal game (for the pal wii) burned at 2
    x on verbatim -r using imgburn any ideas????????

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    Just an update to my black screen problem.

    when I get a black screen when loading a game, using the normal method of loading on the disk channel. Somethime the game will load perfectly if I go though the homebrew channel and use gecko-os to load the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roznlance View Post
    ok so still no result. Burned a pal game (for the pal wii) burned at 2
    x on verbatim -r using imgburn any ideas????????
    Burn your media faster if possible, no less than 4x, try 8x, and even 16x. The Wii has issues with reading discs burned too slow.

    Also, how old is your burner? I once had a customer who's burner could burn no faster than 2X, but once he purchased a new burner all his playback issues were resolved.

    If you should need to get a new burner, the Pioneer series is good, as is the LG series. I have one of each and I've no problems with discs from either one.

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