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Thread: Wii freezes at main menu after ~30 seconds.

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    Wii freezes at main menu after ~30 seconds.

    When I power up my Wii, I can get to the main menu, but after about 30 seconds no matter what I do the Wii freezes. I had it soft modded (it was 4.3u) I called nintendo and they said even if its under warranty, if I had the homebrew channel they won't help.

    So they recommended I format my Wii, So I did. Now it's not modded anymore, and it still freezes. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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    Right i had the same issue but only when i had a disc inside so can you access PRIILOADER or is it gone because you formateed it if you can quickly try to softmod it as in go into another program so youre off the menu and then see if it freezes


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