So yea, I'll start this off by saying i'm fairly well rounded in terms of technical understanding , with that said, here is my problem , hopefully you folks can give me some pointers;

Recently bought a R4i Sdhc Revolution for ds, the website on the card is listed as Untitled Document, it also states that it works with v1.4 and ndsi ll(xl)/ndsi/ndsi/ndsl/nds.

The circuit board itself is red and has r4i-sdhc 5 on it.

So I went to the website, got the new "R4i V1.24b" and extracted the r4.dat, and the 3 addt'l folders to my 4 gig SDHC card that came bundled. I also tried on my 1 gig sd card that I have for my cell phone.

None of these cards or combinations of files were ever read by the ds. No Ds cart inserted every time.

I also tried the Cardboard trick to force contact between the gold connector..

If anybody has any idea's how to get this to work, Let me know asap,