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Thread: Quick question on new SDHC support.

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    Quick question on new SDHC support.

    how should the sdhc be formated ...or does it matter....

    just checking to see if anyone knows before I waste my time trying different
    format options.

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    I think it just needs to be in FAT format. I'm getting an SDHC card (hopefully tomorrow) and I will confirm it then.

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    well i formatted fat 32 ....everything works except the wad manager 1.3 ....won't look at the wads ....error -1 I think when I try to load the sd card .....

    i have a 4gb extreme III sdhc card .....


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    okay i've tried fat 32 and just plain fat .....nothing seems to let the wadmanager see the wads .....

    always returning an error i missing something ....

    i mean i don't think i am the only one to try out the sdhc support for this wadmanager v1.3 .....

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    Make sure you have Wad Manager 1.3

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    I have it ....v1.3 ...

    it is installed as a channel and as a .dol in homebrew...

    did you get your sdhc ?

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    no, i didn't get it yet, but i've heard of some people having trouble with the SDHC thing

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    well. ..yeah ...i mean as far as i can see ...the program runs on an SDHC card, but it doesn't actually work .....that's pretty stupid esp. when it is advertised as having sdhc support ....what can you expect, though, from a free program like this ....

    anyway i would be interested in those other threads of people having problems with the sdhc support if you could post the link.

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    I just found them around online, clicking links.

    Try google

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    My friends have also had issues with using .Wad manager with the new 4gig card.

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