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Thread: Wasabi V3 + Wii-Clip Issue

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    I purchased a Wasabi v3 pre-soldered on a V5B Wii-Clip from #####. However, I got the chip in the mail and its on a V5 Wii-Clip not a V5B. I'm really aggravated because it was advertised as 100% solderless, and now it's not going to be. I'm going to have to do point F.

    100% solderless. No F wire needs to be soldered for D2C/D2E Wiis. Video will be update shortly. The clip used is V5B.

    * It's the first chip that works on all drives, from DMS to latest D2C/D2C2/D2E drives (including GC2-D1A).
    * It's the first D2C compatible chip that is upgradable from DVD.
    * It's the first D2C compatible chip that is as clean as DMS/D2B drivechips: full control over the drive's firmware, no physical patching on the lines while the games are running. That means perfect stability, more control, and no stress on the drive's components.
    * Best of all, it's the first chip to include a decent amount of flash memory (128KB) for firmware and data storage.
    * DVD9 games with layerbreak "2084960" ** supported
    Anyway, I tried it without point F soldered and I get a green light on the Wasabi. It reads originals but not backups. I'm guessing I do have to do the F wire. Right?
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    Talked to #### They sent the chip attached to the wrong wii-clip as I thought. I soldered point F and it's working. They also refunded me $15.
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    Yea having the same probs, but even with the F point joined, still no joy, added some pics, any thoughts?

    Board f point1.jpg

    Clip F1point.jpg

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    doesnt look like a good job soldering the F point there. Use kynar 30 awg wire. or if you purchased it as a completely solderless solution then get it exchanged. since it is clearly there fault they should cover shipping both ways on that. Which would end up costing more than $15. Shipping to US is approx $12 from canada to usa, and more to ship with tracking from usa to canada. canada to canada can range from $8-$12. If youre elsewhere geographically then I wouldnt know the rates.
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