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Thread: Reinstall Homebrew Channel Problem

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    Reinstall Homebrew Channel Problem

    Need ur advise..
    I have WII 3.1J with D2CKey installed and also have a HBC version 9..

    the problem is.. I accidentally remove HBC from my wii (since the language in Japanese and iam not Japanese)..

    iam try to reinstall back my HBC using Twilight Hacks but it keep looping
    in the screen and fail to install.. i'am also try using Wi Brew SD installer (V1.5)
    but still fail..

    Any advise? Thanks

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    Since you have modchip and your Wii FM is lower than 3.3 you can use the iso image burnt to DVD and use that to install HBC.

    The Homebrew Channel

    Make sure to download the JAP file since your Wii is JAP

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    its mean that i cant used Twilight Hack anymore?

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    You don't have to. It is like a backup game, but it launches the HBC installer. Just burn it to a DVD and put it in your Wii.

    Since you have a JAP Wii, download the_homebrew_channel-beta_8-iso-JAP.tar.gz (under .ISO) from the link jbloggs gave you from above.
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