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Thread: Virgin Wii 4.3

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    Virgin Wii 4.3

    I have a virgin Wii 4.3 updated unfortunately. I realllly want to softmod my wii and have been searching for a few days now and it seems that It may not be possible with this software version. I dont know much about all the programs involved in softmod but I have been reading guides and following their instructions is easy enough. Is it worth trying or even going to work, using a 4.2 version or can it ruin my wii. Also, can I ever turn back from trying this and have my wii just like just like it was before. If anyone has any luck on 4.3 please help me im a noob and i did a lot of reading maybe not enough im sorry in advance if i should have read some other threads before posting this finally...

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    Follow the 4.3 guide in the guides and tuts section linked below

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    ahh i remember this thread. ok thanks man ill follow this i really appreciate the speedy response.


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