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Thread: Need big help with wii if your good with this stuff plz read and reply

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    Need big help with wii if your good with this stuff plz read and reply

    hey guys as you know im homebrew101 i know a-lot! about this stufff but one day i installed a bad WAD. So now i bricked my wii.when i turn it on all i see is a black screen.i made the priiloader boot whenever the wii boots up but its not booting up and i dont know why.i cant install bootmii as boot2 so it was installed as an ios.i have a moded wii and i burned bootmii recovery on it.But disks wont boot up on the wii.So then i read some blogs and tried savemiifrii, so then i took apart a gamecube controller (original purple one) then i held down on all of the d-pad buttons while the wii was turning on.But it still didnt go to recovery mode.So can anyone help plz cuz i cant send it to nintendo cuz the warrenty expired i got in on 2008.So does any one have some ideas.
    and pld dont pots stupid things i need real help
    ~Thanks E-mail me.

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    You don't really say much about Priiloader. If it was indeed installed, then it should still be there. Hold reset and while keeping it pressed press the power button. If you installed Priiloader it will then boot into the Priiloader menu, from there you can go into the Home Brew Channel.

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    nope i got nothin i know i installed it cuz when my wii was working it alwaysed booted up when the wii turned on.But i bricked my wii so is there anything elce i can do

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    No priiloader no recovery menu not much chance. what was the bad wad?

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    Moved to the brick section, you'll receive more help there on this subject.

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    well im not sure its a bad wad but it did brick my wii and its more than 1 wad here it is
    I was trying to fix this issue i was having with Monster Hunter 3 Tri that i recorded on a DVD-R

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    What system menu is the Wii? You installed stub IOS60.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    i have 4.1 and i dont recall i think so.

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    The only way to fix it is to re-program the NAND. For that you will need a nand.bin backup made with bootmii.

    You stubbed the IOS your system menu uses.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Oh ok i have a NAND on my desktop.But i cant access the homebrew channel cuz when i turn on my wii all i see is a black screen

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