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Thread: backup launching problem.

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    backup launching problem.

    Hi, i have
    neogamma R9 beta 30, cIOS38rev19 slot 249.

    When 'launching game' on neogamma, i get the error
    "DVD Err(1178), Disk ID"
    and this happens for about the 2nd third time I attempt to 'launch game'
    But after a few tries it seems to work.

    Using a original copy of super smash bros.

    I've got an incling it's in my cIOS38 part.
    I'm thinking i should change that to something else, my guess is 36.

    But then again, i would have no idea.
    Backups seem not to work on it.

    But i was just wondering to find what the best possible cIOS is to play backup games with NeoGamma. And weather i would be right in saying, do i uninstall cIOS38 and install another? Or is it not that simple?

    Sorry for being a pain, any help would be great! thanks!

    EDIT: also, on the main system menu it doesnt show the origional disk (could be a problem on my brothers wii)
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    Im getting that too
    Shoulda never linked my facebook lmao, but oh well :P

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    Hey zackary

    I used this guide

    Aside from the bricking prevention step not working for me.. i skipped it and it worked perfectly, backups work!
    But obviously be careful yourself, it could be different!

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    I dont have 4.2, but Ill try the link that it links to for others below 4.2. Thanks, I'm glad to know that you fixed this problem
    Shoulda never linked my facebook lmao, but oh well :P


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