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Thread: Nat Geo Quiz: Wild Life game freeze

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    Nat Geo Quiz: Wild Life game freeze

    I'm playing the game on the latest USB loader GX, the game loads fine but when I get to the save game screen it freezes and lots out a high pitched noise. Has anyone else had this problem and if so did you manage to find a fix?

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Am having the same problem with this game, useing USB loader GX and Wiiflow

    So any help appreciated.

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    same here with configurable USB Loader?
    wonder if we need a game fix like the ashes cricket one?

    or has some one got a game save they can copy for me?
    SoftMod Essentials:- CFG USB Loader FAT32 --- Wii Game Manager

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    Yeah I had the same thought regarding getting hold of a game save, so if anyone could help it would be great

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    I had homebreware softmod wii( system 4E ) with Hermes_cIOS222_223_installer_3.0_(rev4) for playing Monster Hunter 3 Tri
    I use latest USB loader GX (r938.wad)
    what I did to get the game work and playing so far right now

    configurable USB Loader:
    video=system default
    quick boot=yes
    002 fix to YES

    done . hope u guys get the game work as well

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    Managed to get it working in WiiFlow after changing the cIOS to 223. Thanks for your help.

    Love - it rocks. Never known so many solution to my problems!

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    Also having this identical symptom of high pitch noise game freeze.

    I have originally hacked neogamma R17 I believe softmod.

    I use "Brick-my-wii" (pimp-my-wii) up to current versions.

    Can someone confirm that Hermes was required to get game play?

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    usb loadergx updated
    i made all the settings the guy wrote before on loader exept quick boot (i didn;t find it)
    and the cios at 222 it was stoped on save game
    i change cios toy 223 and worked fine!!
    thanks to other tude that said on wiiflow used 223


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