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Thread: Nintendo patents hard drive

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    Nintendo patents hard drive

    Nintendo Investigating Wii Hard Drive System // Siliconera

    P.S.: Don't know if it's the right section. Sorry if it ain't.
    P.P.S.: I don't think it has already been posted. Sorry if it has.
    P.P.P.S.: The guys who developed WiiFlow should sue Nintendo!

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    Wiiflow and all the rest of the usb loaders are based from waninkoko's usb loader 1.5, but I'm sure waninkoko did not apply for a patent.

    I thought Nintendo was the inverter of new technologies for the gaming community, not copy cats. This looks like Nintendo is copying the usb loader.

    I renamed your post and moved it to the news section.
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    Thanks. Still, I think it's funny. Nintendo copying people who hack their systems? Sounds confusing, to say the least.

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    Nintendo, sinking so low as to stealing others peoples idea's :P.

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    Loading from USB is something that nintendo has done years ago. Not made public but yes using it for stores and as an option for Hotels
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    Just goes to prove that Nintendo have one eye trained firmly on the softmodding scene,not good news in the long run methinks!
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    Sorry, I did look in the new section, but your post must have been burried just far enough to where I didn't see it.

    That video you have in your post looks like the Starlight Fun Center, and I do believe when I looked it up last year, the cost on it was $4500, sold by Nintendo.
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