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Thread: Do some games not work with some disks?

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    Do some games not work with some disks?

    Hey guys,

    I burned my first game the other day and it worked perfectly. I burned it with Nero and with the brand Imatation 8x DVD-R. I'm trying to play Lego Harry Potter and I go to load it with Neogamma but I get an error when I load saying "Disc cannot be read, please consult the wii manual." I've read around that people say you need IOS56 and I have that so I'm wondering if this kind of disc doesn't work for some reason. I just want to know before I go buy some other recommended DVD-R's

    Thanks in advance!

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    what did you use to burn the dvd?
    did you install the ios?
    I use Imgburn, it works perfect, I burn the at 2x

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    I used Nero with Imatation DVD-R & yes I have installed the IOS56. I have gotten another game to work with NERO & the Imatation DVD-R. I'm going to try IMGburn later when I get home after work and see if that works. Also I just ordered some Verbatim DVD-R so if imgburn doesn't work, hopefully the verbatim discs do. I've looked other places on how people have gotten harry potter to work and most people just say its the IOS56.

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    IMGBURN is what you need my friend,it's free to download-google is your friend that and a combination of Verbatim DVD-R should do the trick if itdoesn't then start to pursu other avenues.

    P.S. Unrealtron has the right idea in his post,set your burn speeds nice and low in imgburn to eliminate the possibilty of failures!
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    So since my Verbatim DVD-Rs are in the mail, I decided to try IMGburn at 2x with my imatation dvd-rs. No success, same result as before...says "The disc cannot be read, please consult your wii manual," Then I ejected the DVD and it sayd "Please insert Lego Harry potter years 1-4." So it reads the disc a little, but not fully I guess?

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    A couple of things. Imation are crappy CMC MAG mediacode media, total junk. It's also possible you have a bad ISO/image. Perhaps try another backup of the same title?

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    Alright guys, got my verbatim dvd-rs today and just burned with imgburn at 2x and it works like a charm from the neogamma channel. Thanks for all your help!


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