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Thread: Need Help Creating Gecko/Ocarina Codes.

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    Need Help Creating Gecko/Ocarina Codes.

    Hey, all. I use Gecko codes all the time, but I would like to create my own. I have Googled it, searched it on this site, and others, but I just can't find any info/tutorials on creating my own codes. I use them for offline use, and I would like my own.

    If anyone has any info/tutorials on this, please tell/email me. It would be truthfully appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlazeGX View Post
    im having problems with ocarina. do you know how to apply codes during online play? I have CoD WaW and none of the codes i use work online. what can i do?

    FAIL. This forum does not support cheating! Especially with people like you who use codes online! What can you do?? Stop cheating online and hijacking others threads.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Thread closed --- please folks, review the site rules.

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