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Thread: Wii Linux Project

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    Wii Linux Project

    I wasn't sure where to put this so correct me if there is a place for this sort of thing (other than the Linux forums).

    I had a great idea the other day. Making a Linux distribution to port the Wii interface to, including the Wii Store concept for software AND games. Another goal I hope to accomplish (but this takes second place to the first) is build emulation right into the code for running Wii games.

    But this isn't just a way to run Wii games on your computer. If Nintendo refuses to give in to most of it's fans requests ("Nintendo fans don't care about X feature!" when it's VERY clear they do), instead of limiting ourselves to Wii hardware and hoping they eventually add the feature I hope to make something entirely new that will completely revolutionize (pun intended) the Wii community.

    A few things I hope to hit gold on in particular are:
    - Porting the Wii interface over
    - Opening it to full-fledged software
    - Making the Wii Store concept more of an App Store system, to support this software better
    - Completely ditching the Opera browser (right now I'm stuck on either using WebKit or porting a custom build of Firefox over... or both?)
    - Allowing Wii remote OR mouse use
    - Creating a new windowing system (already have some ideas on this)
    - Porting existing applications over/screwing that and making stuff from scratch

    Now, I can't do this 100% by myself (although I can do quite a bit of this) - that's why I'm asking you guys for help. If you can help out in any of these areas (or anything I missed) let me know and I'll try to fit you in as best I can. And yes, you should expect a release this year.

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    I got say that

    1 - using a mouse on the Wii that would be great .But my suggestion
    for this if it is possible is to allow it to run in if im right port1 as port0 uses usbloaders Ithink
    correct me if im wrong.

    2 - an alternative to opera would be awsome cause it does suck firefox would be ideal!!

    3 - a new windowing system would be nice. if your talking something along the lines of
    freestyle360 along that idea? because you know i got my wii to boot to the hbc where the wii menu
    with all the boxes is so dull even with a theme thus i boot to the hbc as i have no use for the wii menu other
    than the internet options hmmm... yeah thats about it just the internet options get used i could care less for the rest
    i stick to priiloader and hbc

    4 - im sure this ties in with 1 but the option too use the top usb for a mouse . and or i wish i could put in a hub can you? on the top port to use
    a mouse and key board on the top usb then still have my external hdd plugged in into the bottom usb and hopefully pipe dreaming here but
    either full install,dual boot or through usb while all is still pluged in that in my mind right there is the Gay station 3 and the x-cocks killer right there

    old skool games 4life

    nice idea's cant wait hope the best for your idea's to come to reality

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    Sorry, but my intention is not to port the Linux kernel to the Wii firmware but to create an entire new Linux distro with the Wii interface, store concept, and ports of whatever software is possible (eg Miis) and allow Wii games through emulation (Dolphin?)


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