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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy 2 error 002

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 error 002

    Iíve been reading a lot on this forum before I decided to post a guestion but Iím, still confused. I will appreciate any help.

    Iím trying to play my backup game ďSuper Mario Galaxy 2Ē and Iím getting an error 002. My Wii is 3.4u and already patched. Do I need to update to 4.1? And if yes which tutorial should I follow?

    Thank you
    P.S. I'm a newby, (trust me on this one

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    Load it with neogamma rev8+ to fix 002. Dogeggs has a guide on updating to 4.1 and after that use wiijohns guide to install priiloader to block online and disc updates

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    Thanks for replay, now I see that I have neaogamma 4 and I’m able to lunch the game but Can you point me where I can download neogamma 8+, please

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    Got it. Thanks again


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