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Thread: HELLLP!!!Wii Error 003 with bootmii installed!!!

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    HELLLP!!!Wii Error 003 with bootmii installed!!!

    My wii (4.2 USA)have black screen of death(When I play it Suddenly the screen turn off)Then I read on the net that my BT module was broke.Replaced it and It boot!!!But it shows error 003!!!I have bootmii installed.But I forget to backup it to SD card can anyone upload it???

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    From Messies error guide
    Unauthorized device on 4.2 thanks to N we have abrand new error code... So, no workaround on this yet, try unplugging any chips or whatever N thinks is unauthorized from the wii. Seems like Korean wiis are super defective to this. Some people have reported being able to contact their wii salesman, and complaining to him that it bricked after upgrade, they were able to get him provide them with a new wii. Thi is only if he provided you with a korean wii, and not warning you of the risks. If you did it by yourselves no luck on this..

    Bootmii files normally only cater for the machine (wii) they where made on


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