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Thread: [Release] Hermes cIOS MOD v0.1

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    [Release] Hermes cIOS MOD v0.1

    I grabbed Hermes' cIOS Source Code, a while ago and modded it a bit. The changes weren't much, still the same Hermes cIOS, the only different was that, the iOS were installed in different slots. Here are the changes:
    iOS202 => iOS202
    iOS222 => iOS235
    iOS223 => iOS242
    iOS224 => iOS244

    Some may wonder, what's the point of changing the slots. Simple, its a good safety incase you should accidentally or un-intentionally update your Wii one day. The other more known iOS are being stubbed during updates but these will survive the updates (for now). Plus, they can be used for loading games

    Haven't had a chance to try it and I'm not an expert coder but I had BluPhant (Thank You) help me compile the source. So if you can please test and report back.

    Download boot.dol/elf here:

    The Source Code can be found on my GitHub here:
    ShadowSonic2's Hermes-cIOS-MOD at master - GitHub

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    sort of trying the same thing i changed the ios slot with showmiiwads...( will be installing later)


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