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Thread: Change from SD card to HDD

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    Change from SD card to HDD

    I have softmodded my Wii using an SD card to hold all the settings and Homebrew, however since getting a HDD which does work to run my back-up games I now wish to put all the settings/Homebrew onto the HDD so my SD Card can be used for something else. Can someone help?

    Thanks in advance!

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    if you are running everything from hbc the following will help Homebrew Channel - WiiBrew
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    When I had jumped from SD to HDD, I had just moved the contents from my card to the FAT 32 partition of my hard drive; maintaining the same file directory. Works just perfect. If your SD card isn't inserted while booting up the Homebrew Channel, your USB HDD will be automaticaly detected.

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    I have a gx loader forwarder and cover art will this be effected when a change over..or will this just look at the HDD aswell?

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