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Thread: Hello from B4NND1T

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    Hello from B4NND1T

    Hi I'm B4NND1T

    I've registered and have been viewing the forum for a while, just haven't got around to posting until now.

    I'm a Global Moderator of a website very similar to WiiHacks, but instead of modding Wii's we mod iPhone's (The site name is in case you were wondering). I'm an avid theme developer for iDevices, and general graphic artist. My other skills include web design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), C++, Just Basic, xcode, and Python (still learning). I've tried my hand at programming on several different Operating-Systems, and currently run "XP, Vista, Windows 7, Snow Leopard 10.6, Backtrack 4, Fedora 12, Kubuntu, Ubuntu 9.10, and Open Solaris. And I have quite a lot of experience with DOS, Command Prompt, and Terminal.

    I joined because my brother recently purchased a Wii, and asked me to help him mod it. I ended up using two tutorials from here. And I was surprised to learn how easy the process was.

    The forum looks great and is kept well organized. Although the site I moderate is powered by SMF as apposed to vBulletin, I find that there are very few differences, making it quite easy to adjust to navigating the forum. The only feature I would love to see implemented is "quick reply".

    In conclusion, this place is great. I'll be sticking around for quite some time (might even purchase a Wii for myself sometime).

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    Hello and Welcome to, the site looks great. I have a jailbroken device myself and have been messing around with it for a while. Been making themes too. I'd definitely be joining up and if there's a Cydia Repo, maybe submit some themes.

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