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Thread: Linux/Mac "driver/application"

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    Linux/Mac "driver/application"

    Hi all,
    I have written a native "driver/application" for Linux using libusb. The device uses bulk reads/writes with SCSI commands (mass storage) but the kernel is not able to talk to the device (getting lot of I/O errors). So I use libusb for reading/writing to the device.

    For now the "application" is a set of commands:
    sput (putting ISOs to the device)
    sget (getting ISOs from the device)
    sls (list all ISOs from the device)
    ssc (update the configuration e.g. region, use device config,...)
    sgc (get the configuration)

    If anyone want to try it out just send me a mail/pm.

    It may be possible to compile it for Mac and Windows as well because libusb is pretty portable.

    Next step is a fuse driver so it will be mount- and usable as a normal file system

    BTW: It is for the "old/original" Sundriver firmware. If you uptated your firmware (not the application the firmware needs a hardware tool to update it) to the new one it will not work. If you like to have a driver/application for the new firmware - just send me an firmware updater

    Also the "driver/application" is not related to d2sun so do not send any bugrequest or complains to them

    After some clean up I will host the source at githup or sourceforge.

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    Ok, here [1] it is. Please read the README because the application has some known bugs.

    1 foofo's sundriver-libusb at master - GitHub
    2 git://

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