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Thread: Unhackable Wii - tried softmod and wasabi dx any more ideas?

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    Unhackable Wii - tried softmod and wasabi dx any more ideas?

    Hi, I run a computer repair buisness and im fairly stumped wih a customers wii.

    He had a soldered modchip which worked fine untill he ran an required update for a game, I think the chip was a D2 but im not sure. Im fairly certain its not one of te new wiis with the unhackable DVD drives since it was working previously.

    Since the wii was running 4.1E I decided to try a soft mod following the guide on this site. I got Neogamma up and running and it would give me a disk or partition error each time.

    I tryied various things updating neo gamma, changing settings, tried it with the reboot hooks.

    Eventualy i gave up on the soft mod and ordered a wasbi DX. Instaled it and the backup disks would just stop spinning and not load. I removed the old modchip and restored it to a virgin un sofmodded state...with still no luck.

    I also ran the wasabi update disk with no luck.

    im stumped. The customer says all he wants to do is play backup DVDs and dosent mind if any other features are disabled. Any help would be good. Cheers

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    Everything I'm hearing sounds like it has the new dvd drive, or it's simply bad iso files.

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    The customer assures me the disks did work previously. This guy is pretty technicly savvy as well.

    Is there any way i can check the kind of drive it is? Cheers

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    I don't have a link handy but google for wii serial number data base. You can put in the serial number and it will give you an idea. Speaking from a softmod standpoint, it could be bad iso's, incorrect softmod process, or bad media. Verbatim DVD-R discs are the standard and work great. I know this is a shotgun response, but normally with neogamma getting that type of error it's usually one of those things.

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    It has the D2A Drive whch apparently works fine with the wasbi.

    Interestingly the update disks boot fine, they are pretending to be gamecube disks arent they? Ill burn off a new wii disk and give it a go.



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