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Thread: Wii won't turn on

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    Wii won't turn on

    So I plug in the Wii and I see the LED for the power switch shining its usual red. But when I press it the LED disappears. I suspect it was my ac adapter so I unplugged it for a day or two and plug it in again. And then it works fine for 30 minutes or so and then shuts off. So I just took a break and didn't use my Wii for a month or so and when I come back, it works completely fine like nothing was wrong. Then about a month later the same thing happens. So I get my friend's adapter and it doesn't work either. Help

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    call up nintendo... maybe a defect somewhere... u can probably get a new one

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    Quote Originally Posted by streetlegalboi View Post
    call up nintendo... maybe a defect somewhere... u can probably get a new one
    So I just directly tell them I have a modchip installed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MyFriendIsOnFire View Post
    So I just directly tell them I have a modchip installed?
    What? Dear goodness no my friend! Then you'd never get a repaired console. You would have to get the modchip taken out before you sent it to service. If properly removed, then Nintendo would be hard pressed to even know that the unit was tampered with.

    Best of luck in getting it fixed. It almost sounds as if something is grounding out somewhere.

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    Hmm that is not good, how did you install the chip ? Did you check for any solder splatter/solder balls that could possibly be causing this ?
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    that wat i was thinking.. maybe some solider touch some other place... and caused a short.. that happend to my gamecube.. soo i went to gamestop.. bought another one and switched all the insides out... hahaha... and returned the system.... if i were u removed the chip.... the chip should maybe shorted out yur drive... not the whole wii... not sure.. since i havent modded the wii yet...

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    Well I called up Nintendo and they said the AC adapter might be the problem and told me to buy a new one =/. Everything looks just the way it did after I modded it.

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    Was this problem ever resolved? I am having the same issue after an install of a solderless chip.


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