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Thread: Completely lost, please help.

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    Completely lost, please help.

    Hey guys,

    I currently own a modded Korean Wii running 3.3K firmware.

    I purchased the Wii back in 3/2009 along with some games.

    The funny thing is, everytime I try to play a back-up game, it gives me a black error screen and does not recognize the game at all.

    I'm using imageburn and burning the games at 4x 2x and even at 1x speeds, I've blown away 10+ dvd discs already (dvd-r)

    I already own some games that were sold to me as a package by the original seller, and those games work just fine despite the fact that they're burned, and yet, when I burn them, they don't work at all.

    What am I doing wrong? I've researched online but I'm still am so lost.

    If there are any additional information that would clarify my situation, please, let me know.

    Thank you much for your time reading.
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    Some DVD-R discs do not work with the Wii. Try verbatim or Sony and that should solve your problem.
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    Double posting the same question in two different threads is frowned upon here at Wiihacks. Any replies should be directed to this post - HERE


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