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Thread: 3 Games that won't load (help needed)

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    3 Games that won't load (help needed)


    i got 3 games Edit from a market. And none of them work. Im using Neogamma r9 beta10 with IOS249 (rev 17). I am on sys menu 4.2E

    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom sometimes loads and reaches the main menu. Other times it says press A to continue and then goes black and eventually says the disc could not be read. The disc is also weird and doesnt always go into the disc drive.

    New super mario bros wii just says DVD Err(1252), Disc ID.

    No More Heroes 2 also has the same error.

    Help would be appreciated.
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    Have u tried a different rev of neogamma?

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    If Neogamma doesn't recognize the disc, then you have burned the disc incorrectly or your ISO is corrupted. If there was not disc ID then this is your problem.

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    I was on rev 7 and it didn't work then i swapped to rev 17

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    i didn't burn the disc, i bought it from a market. btw i got Tatsunoko vs. Capcom to work. The sticker that the guy put on the disc was too big so i took it off and it worked fine

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    If they are retail discs try to run them from the disc channel

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    It's not a retail disc it's a pirate I found in an Asian market

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    This forum does not support Piracy. Buy the retail disk.
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