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Thread: Where to start?

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    Where to start?

    I dont want to buy chips. So I'm guessing I want to get into this 'Twighlight hack'.
    I have 3.3u, and I've been reading about the 'update' that seems to be pretty sweet. Should I upgrade?
    I want to attempt the twighlight hack if thats where you guys think I should start.
    So right now I have nothing. Could someone help me locate the approriate SD card reader for my computer [usb?] and a good SD card to start out with. So then I just do something with folders and elf files lol....
    I could prolly find the twighlight hack tutorial on google and do it, but I'd like confirmed equipment-compatible stuff first :/
    Do I need to make a 'homebrew channel' through something else? or is this all part of the twighlight hack?

    So... I geuss heres what I'm asking.
    1.) Help me locate USB-SDcard reader thing.
    2.) Help me locate SD card lol.
    3.) I can prolly find the twighlight hack guide, is homebrew channel seperate?
    4.) Elf files.. for twighlight hack... Wad files.. for ?
    5.) after i hack my wii can i safely add this update?

    Anyways, yeah. Thanks for your help, of course im newb, haha.
    Using programs and finding them. im OK with, ive modded my cell phone, but finding the right equipment, scares me because i dont want to buy the wrong things.

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    1) you may not need a card reader if you follow the guide (see link below)

    2) Get a 2GB regular (not SDHC) Sd Card from any electronics/office supply store (its less than $10)

    3) See link below

    4) See link below

    5) Its recommended that you don't update at this time

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    How can I get my SD card read by my computer? i dont have anything. I have a USB thign that will connect my wii to USB but i dont think that does anything. do i just need to buy a connector too?

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    I used this....and it could not have been any easier to get installed ....!

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    can i use hmebrew for NES, SNES, N64 games? then upgrade to buy wii shop WADs? 'cuz i'd rather pay for those

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    yes you can, though for me atleast any game i would play, would be a VC game so i just use those, you can install up to 3.2 for wiiware and no hack prevention, install IOS50, and shop channel wad, so you can shop with 3.2 and not 3.4 then just buy or do what you want with the shop

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    Do i need homebrew channle to uninstall updates back to 3.2 before i upgrade tp 3.4? or can it be placed on there with 3.4

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    u cant with 3.4

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    i tried to install a WAD on a wii after doing everything correctly and it said
    installing ticket... error = -2011
    the wii version is 3.3u which is the same as the other wii that i've done the twighlight with. i tried PAL and NSTC versions. idk what im doing wrong..
    ELF instead of my DOL?

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    elf to dol is only needed with beta 9
    your problem is 3.3 blocks wad manager

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