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Thread: 4.2U update stoped mod chip games?

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    4.2U update stoped mod chip games?

    So I'm not a Wii expert but awhile ago I got my Wii moded. I have no idea what the mod chip is called and not a clue about what how to check. So as I was saying, a few months back I updated my wii to 4.2U (bad idea). I then tried to play a burnt game and it would not run (could not read disk). Some of my other mod games work. I was wondering if downgrading my Wii would solve this problem.

    Your help is greatly apreciated

    PS. I triend reformating it but all it did was delete the game data and nothing else :/

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    It killed your region free ability. Look up the guide by mauifrog to restore your region free and don't update in the future to avoid this.

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    Thanx for the post it realy helped but could you link me to the guild I cant seen to find it

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    LINK. .........
    Damn I suck!!!!


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