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Thread: Dual Partition w/ USB Loader GX

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    Dual Partition w/ USB Loader GX

    I just created a partition at the beginning of my FAT32 drive, formatted it to WBFS, and cloned my other (working) WBFS drive over to it. USB Loader GX displays the games, but when I try to load them, the screen just goes black and I have to force a restart.

    What's going wrong here? I really want to get this working.

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    Incompatible drive.
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    How do I find out if a drive is compatible?

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    Check out the USB HDD link in my sig, you'll find it in there.

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    I had the same problem and it wasn't incompatible drive, it was that I forgot to set the partition as Active.

    uLoader would work without setting as active but CFG USB Loader wouldn't. Went back and marked active and it worked. Hope this saves you from buying a new drive (That is unless it is actually your least I tried!)

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    How do you mark a partition as "active"? I've never heard of it.

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    Control panel - Computer management - Disk management - Right click the partition and select mark as active.
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    That option isn't in the menu for this drive. It's there for other drives, though those are labeled "Primary Partition". The partitions on this drive say "Logical Drive". Is that why I can't mark them as Active?

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    Yes you are right, Logical can't be set as active. Same thing happened to me, I assume you are using a Partition're going to have to reformat that partition and set it to active then.

    If you are using EASEUS for'll have to delete the partition, recreate it, make sure to choose Primary in the list (not Logical), set it as active, then have the program perform those actions. Then recopy your games to it.
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    IT WORKED! I had to delete USB Loader GX's config files and reinstall it, but it finally plays games! Now I can stop switching back and forth between game and video drives (WiiMC) and do it all from one.

    I did have to convert the volume to primary before I could mark it as active, btw.


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